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SigMax-e has been conceived with the single purpose of improving organizational performance at the most basic level. It is born out of the primary concern of every manager, from the shop floor to the corner suite: “How do I enhance my team’s performance and effectiveness to add value for all my stake holders: Customers, Shareholders, Employees and Community.?” After several iterations over the years, we have discovered two broad platforms:

Performance Facilitation

Digital Media Processing - Value Add
Our Facilitation services focus on understanding your context and issues with a view to identifying the “acupoints” and arriving at a diagnosis. This enables us to recommend the right intervention. The recommendation may take the form of Training, a Consulting engagement or “sourcing out” the process concerned, to be managed on your behalf – Process Outsourcing.

Project Governance &  Management

Shared Services, Outsourcing

Business Process Re-engineering

Six Sigma, KPIs & Feedback

Change Management 

Process Outsourcing

Process Outsourcing
SigMax-e’s process outsourcing services focus on a few carefully selected areas, where we add unique value. It starts with managing the processes we take to global standards (service levels, KPIs). But we quickly go beyond that: we ensure that you do not lose touch with your customer’s behavioral signals!

Centers of Excellence

Digital Media Processing

Data Analytics 

Supplier Quality Assurance

SigMax-e’s “EQ” system (a proprietary bundling of Training, Process Design and enabling Information System) captures Emotion-rich data inherent in the content. Our Data Analytics team then works on this critical meta data to come up with insights that enable you to differentiate your products or services for your customers.
Our many global customers are proof that we deliver what we promise!

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